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Metal and Oxide Nanopowder Dispersions

NanoAmor Dispersions:

We have recently started selling dispersions of metal and oxide nanoparticles. Note that as we further develop this category of products, more technical documents will become available, as well as a larger range of products. Please contact us for custom-produced dispersions or industrial-sized orders.




Silver Water Dispersions
  Ag, 20nm, 99.99%
    Ag, 50nm, 99.99%
    Ag, 100nm, 99.99%
    Ag, 200nm, 99.99%

Gold Water Dispersions
  Au, 20nm, 99.99%    

Platinum Water Dispersions
  Pt, 20-30nm, 99.99%

Palladium Water Dispersions
  Pd, 20nm, 99.99%

Ruthenium Water Dispersions
  Ru, 20nm, 99.99%

Iriduim Water Dispersions
  Ir, 20nm, 99.99%

Rhodium Water Dispersions
  Rh, 20nm, 99.99%

Aluminum Oxide Dispersions
alpha, 20wt%, 30-60 nm, in Water
gamma, 20 wt%, 30 nm, in Water
    gamma, 20wt%, 10nm, in water

Copper Oxide Dispersions
   1 wt%, 30 nm, in Water 
Silicon Oxide Dispersions
   25 wt%, 30 nm, in Water

Titanium Oxide Dispersions
rutile, 15 wt%, 5-30 nm, in Water  
    anatase, 5 wt%, 10-20 nm, in ethanol (transparent)

    anatase, 15 wt%, 5-30 nm, in Water (translucent)
    anatase, 20 wt%, 5-30 nm, in Water (white)
    rutile, 40 wt%, 30-50 nm, in Water

Zinc Oxide Dispersions
Zinc Oxide (20 wt%, 40 nm) in water

  Indium Tin Oxide Dispersions
30 wt%, 20-30 nm, in water



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