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Water-based carbon nanotubes coatings
Stock #: 1333YJ
Water-based carbon nanotubes coatings for heat dissipation
Type of coatings: medium-temperature baking 
Drying condition of coatings: 15 to 20 minutes at 130 oC
Color of coatings: black
Thermal conductivity of coatings:
     0.4 W/m.K (vertical to the coatings)
     18-20 W/m.K (parallel to the coatings)
Emissivity of coatings: 96-98
Recommended thickness of coatings: 5-10 um
Surface resistance of coatings: 108-1010 Ohm
Pencil hardness of coatings: 2H-3H
Upper limit of usage temperature: 200 oC
Instructions for preparing coatings: spray, 20 m2/kg
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