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CNTs Additives for Lithium-ion Battery
Stock #: 1376YJ
Carbon Nanotubes Additives for Lithium-ion Battery
Components: multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs), carbon black
Purity: 95+%
CNT Specifications:
       Outside diameter: 50-80 nm
       Length: 10-15 um
       Specific surface area: 80 m2/g
       pH: < 9
Usage: conductive additives in anode and cathode of lithium-ion battery
Adding amount: 2-3% additives in anodes and 1-2% additives in cathodes
Typical electrochemical performance with CNTs additives:
      LiCoO2/CNTs additives:
          Compaction density: 3.8 g/cm3
          Capacity retention: 91.2% after 500 cycles (1C/1C)
                                         83.6% after 800 cycles (1C/1C)
     LiFePO4/CNTs additives:
          Compaction density: 2.4 g/cm3
          Capacity retention: 95.8% after 500 cycles (1C/1C)
                                         92.4% after 800 cycles (1C/1C)
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