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Silver Nanowires (Dia. 20 - 30 nm, Length > 10 um)

$460 / 1 g (silver nanowires)
$1,950 / 5 g 
(silver nanowires)


Stock #:  0475HW4

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Silver Nanowires     Click to ask a technical question
Purity: 99.9+%
Diameter of silver nanowires: 20 - 30 nm
Length of silver nanowires: > 10 um



  • This product is made by a technique that can yield kilogram scale silver nanowires per batch.
  • Nanowires usually agglomerate. Our industrial-grade silver nanowires are thus made as “wet powders” that contain 30-50 wt% silver nanowires and 50-70 wt% water. This helps further disperse our silver nanowires in solvents. If the silver nanowires are made as dry powders, it will be extremely difficult to disperse them in solvents.
  • The silver nanowires can be further dispersed by our clients in such solvent as ethanol, isopropanol, deionized water, etc.
  • If necessary, we can also supply our clients silver nanowires suspensions. In this case, please tell us the type of solvent and the concentration of silver nanowires in the solvent. We will then judge if we can make the desired suspensions.
  • The suspensions are often stable within approx. a week. If the nanowires deposit, the suspension container can be shook to let the silver nanowires suspend again.
  • The silver nanowires or suspensions container should be sealed and stored in a dark place between 5 and 35 oC (41 an 95 oF).
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