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*Titanium Carbide (TiC, 99%, 40 nm)
Formula: TiC
Stock # 5216KE
CAS # 12070-08-5

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Purity: 99%
Average particle size: 40 nm
Color: Black
Density, bulk: N/A
Density, true: 4.93 g/cm3
Structure: Cubic
Morphology: Nearly spherical
Specific surface area N/A


Yes, this material's shipping specifications are classified as hazardous:

UN3178, Flammable solid, inorganic, n.o.s. (Titanium carbide powder), 4.1, PG II



Certificate of analysis

Highlights of NanoAmor TiC Nanopowders Used in Research:

Z. Xia with the Eastman Chemical Company recently patented a composite polymer that uses NanoAmor titanium carbide nanoparticles [1]. These polyester polymers and copolymers achieve improved reheating properties via the TiC particles, thereby addressing of the main challenges faced by the polymer industry, which is the processing of thermoplastics during manufacturing or packaging processes that require increased temperatures. Specifically, in reheat blow-molding the heat absorption efficiency of the polymer is improved through the addition of particles that absorb well in the wavelength region of 500 nm to 1500 nm, where the polymer by itself performs poorly. Using TiC particle sizes on the order of 50 nm, and with concentrations of 1 ppm to 500 ppm, a process was developed for the improvement of polyethylene-terephthalate-based beverage bottle molding, improving the reheating temperature by at least 5 degrees centigrade, which significantly reduces energy costs and increases production throughput.

[1] Z. Xia, United States Patent 20060105129, 2006.

Typical TiC Nanopowder Applications:

  • Crucibles
  • Cutting tools
  • Reinforcing materials in composites
  • Transparent optical materials
  • Wear resistant materials
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