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Diamond Nanopowder (synthesized, 95%, 3-5 nm)
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Stock #: 1320JGY
Diamond Nanopowder (synthesized)            Click to ask a technical question
Purity: > 95%
Surface Groups: -CH, -C=O, -COOH, -C-O-C, -CN
Average Particle Size: 3-5 nm, max. < ~10 nm
Specific Surface Area: 278-335 m2/g
Initial Oxidization Tempereature: 803 K
Conductivity: 7.7x107, 0.1-2 (Born dopped)
Hydrophilia degree: -3100 MJ/mol.g
Relative magnetic susceptibility: <1x10-8 m2/kg
Color: gray
Morphology: spherical
Bulk density: 0.17 g/cm3
Pore volume: 1.314 cm3/g
True density: 3.05-3.30 g/cm3
Explosion Synthesized
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