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Silver nanowires (D = 70 - 80 nm, L = 2 - 5 um, 99.5+%, in isopropanol)

$619 / 1 g (Ag nanowires)

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Silver-nanowires/isopropanol suspension

Content of silver nanowires in isopropanol: 5 - 20 mg/ml, specified by clients
Color of suspension: light gray  
Purity of silver nanowires: 99.5+%
Diameter of silver nanowires: 70 - 80 nm
Length of sivler nanowires : 2 - 5 μm

UN 1219



  • Nanowires usually agglomerate. Our regular-length silver nanowires are thus made as suspensions with a concentration of 5 - 20 mg/ml in such solvents as ethanol, isopropanol, and deionized water.
  • The suspensions can be further diluted in ethanol, isopropanol, and deionized water.
  • If necessary, the suspensions can also be evaporated to obtain dry silver nanowires.
  • The suspensions are often stable within approx. a week. If the nanowires deposit, the suspension container can be shook to let the silver nanowires suspend again.
  • The suspensions container should be sealed and stored in a dark place between 5 and 35 oC (41 an 95 oF).

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