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CNTs/Carbon-Black filler for conductive plastics


Stock#: 1323YJ

CNTs/Carbon-Black filler for conductive plastics   Click to ask a technical question
Content of CNTs: 40 wt%
Content of Carbon Black: 60 wt%
Type of Carbon Black: Chezacarb® B
Resistivity: < 0.01 ohm. cm
Oil Absorption: 240-440 ml/100g
Specific Surface Area: 540-560 m2/g

Specification of CNTs:
Industrial-Grade Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Purity: > 90 wt%
Outside Diameter: 10-30 nm
Inside Diameter: 5-10 nm
Length: 10-30 um
Specific Surface Area: > 200 m2/g
Color: black
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