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Titanium Oxide (Anatase, ATO doped, 20 wt%, 15-25 nm) Slurry
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Stock #: 7030WJ
20 wt%Titanium Oxide (Antimoney Tin Oxide doped) Slurry    Click to ask a technical question

Antimony-Tin Oxide (ATO, Sb2O3/SnO2) Doped Titanium Oxide (TiO2) for a high photocatalytic efficiency under visible light

Average Particle Size of ATO-doped TiO2: 15-25 nm

Content of ATO-doped TiO2: 20 wt%
Purity of ATO-doped TiO2: 99.9%

Color: white
Stability: slurry is stable for up to six months in dry and cool environment

Titanium Oxide: Anatase TiO2, CAS #: 1317-70-0
Antimony Tin Oxide: Sb
2O3/SnO2, CAS#: 128221-48-7
Water: H2O, CAS#: 7732-18-5

Applications: coatings with a high photocatalytic efficiency
Substrate Materials: glasses, ceramics, metals, and polymers. 
Instructions for making coatings:
1) Remove the rust and/or oxidation layers on the surface of metal substrate by sand-blasting, or clean the non-metallic substrates by water and/or ethanol. Wait till the substrates are dry before making coatings. 
2) Shake the container with slurry to make the slurry uniform. 
3) Use such methods as spraying, brushing, and roller coating to place the slurry on the surface of substrate. This operation should be performed in an environment with a relative humidity below 40%.
4) Let the coatings dry slowly in environment or dry quickly in a dryer at
100 oC for one hour. 


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